Nemecia Taha

Director of First Impressions


Your life would be meaningless without?

"My Life would be meaningless without my dogs! Yes I’m that person! Bandit is a small Jack Russel cross dingo, he loves long walks on the beach, eating steak and chasing birds. Then there is Boof who is a huge Broome mixed breed horse who thinks he is a lap dog, he loves having a snuggle & would rather sleep on a pillow then his own dog bed. They are the best of friends, brothers and my babies! I also can’t live without my beautiful Family and Friends. I love spending time with them, life is best lived when you surround yourself with the ones you love.  They support me to become a better person every day!"

What do you most like to do to unwind?

"I love going to the beach and setting up a plate of nibbles & a cold corona....and cheese, i love cheese! There is something special about Cable Beach and whenever i have had a long day i head down to the beach and just appreciate how lucky we have it. I also love going fishing and camping, taking a drive out of town and sitting by the creek with a camp fire is always relaxing."

What do you most like about your work? 

"I love the fact that I work with such an amazing team. The office environment is positive, happy and we all work together to get the best result possible. I think we all enjoy what we do and this makes a huge difference!"