Christine Panares

Property Management Administration Assistant

Stepping into the 21st Century Ray White Broome have hired their first Virtual Assistant. Christine, or Tine as she prefers to be called, lives in Indonesia and remotely logs into our office every day, she provides administrative assistance in a part-time capacity to help support the property management department.

Tine had previous experience in Real Estate Administration before starting work with us, and she has been a great asset to our team.


Best advice anyone has given you?

"Everything happens for a reason".

If you were a world leader what would you change? 

If I were a world leader I would change and replace the use of plastic materials and create a worldwide process on having people getting paid when recycling these items made out of plastic. In addition to that, I would gather the best scientists in the world to create a manufacturing plant that would have these plastic materials recycled and convert them to biodegradable materials or school materials that can be used by children.

What do you most like about your work? 

The never-ending learning opportunities that I have makes this job so exciting. I find this industry very interesting as we are more than just a real estate company but we give our tenants a home to go to everyday. We provide them one of the basic needs of a person in order to live comfortably.